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Upon joining the game, there's a few things you should do. This entry should help guide you in everything so that you can start playing the game as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask a mod or email the mods at nightworldmods@gmail.com.

1.) Create the journal you listed on your application if you haven't already. Please remember all journals must end with "-night" whether there is a "_" separating or not.

2.) There's a few posts you should have read before turning in your application, but they deserve a new read and a refresher in case you might have forgotten something.

- The Premise
- The Night World Races and Soul Mate Principle
- The Rules
- Other Information

3.) Please, join the following communities to be able to post in the RPG comm and interact with players:

[community profile] nightworldrpg - RPG community
[community profile] nightworldplayers - Community for Player Interaction (character sheets, hiatus notices, ect.)

4.) With your character journal, please friend the following journal:

[personal profile] nightworldmods

Once you are friended in return, the friending console for the rest of the characters in the game is here (it's friends only).

5.) Once you are accepted into [community profile] nightworldrpg and [community profile] nightworldplayers and friended by [personal profile] nightworldmods, please post your character sheet completed in full on [community profile] nightworldplayers.

6.) Start plotting, planning, posting, and communicating fellow players using the master contact list and have fun! We look forward to what you bring to the game and writing for you.