Jan. 26th, 2012 12:20 pm
[personal profile] nightworldmods
1. Please play nicely. It's rather simple. Treat players with respect when you write with them, which includes: not starting wank, tagging back in a timely manner, not dropping threads, and generally being a nice person.

We know not expect everyone to be friends, but everyone should be civil when dealing with each other. If you encounter a problem with another player that is interfering with your ability to play or enjoy the game, then speak to a mod. We are here to help, and even act as the mediator if needed.

2. Please listen to mods of the game. We are here to help, coordinate the game, and make it a better place for everyone. If we contact you because of issues we see with your playing or interactions with others, please do not take it personally. We are not picking on anyone. We are merely trying to keep the game fun and enjoyable for everyone. If you do not like what we have to say or how we run the game, you are welcome to leave with no hard feelings.

If you receive an email from the mods during your time in the game, please reply. If you do not reply, we do not know you read it. If the mods write you an email and you do not reply within a timely manner, another email will be sent. If there is no reply to that email, based on severity of the issue, you may be banned from the game. (Note: There are many instances where a player can be incapable of replying to an email we sent them: Real life issues, Internet connection issues, School, ect. If you have been banned for not replying to an email and in fact were unable to reply due to one of these issues, you may be allowed back into game. Simply email the mods with your explanation and discuss with them retaking your character. Again, this all rides on the reasoning why you were emailed in the first place.)

3. No players under 18-years-old may join. If a player is found out to be under eighteen, they will be immediately banned.

4. There is no godmodding, or info-modding in this game allowed. If this occurs and a mod is aware of it, or it's brought to a mod's attentions, action will be taken. Godmodding is defined as taking control of another person's character without said person’s permission. Info-modding is having your character privy to information that they they reasonably would not know. It is exceptionally easy to mistakenly godmod and info-mod. First offenses will receive a friendly warning email but repeated offenses will considered grounds for banning.

5. Any plot that include death, torture, pregnancy, or any other element that might either change the course of your character's life in the game or effect other people or the game as a whole must be approved by the mods. We do not want to discourage these plots but merely want to make sure there is a plan and the plot will not go unfinished. They must always be given a time-line and have some sort of resolution in mind. Do not start a storyline/plot like this without prior mod approval or the mods will put an end to it. The mods are willing to help flesh out ideas, but also are here to coordinate things.

6. Each character much have a thread every two weeks. The mods will be keeping track. If you cannot fulfill this requirement and have a good reason, you might want to take a hiatus until you can. The mods will grant hiatuses, but if it becomes excessive or one on-going, long hiatus, you may be asked to drop or even just drop temporarily until you are in a place that you have the free time to play. Please be honest with us and yourself for how much time you have to play. If you need to drop a character or more to retain activity, then do so knowing there will be nothing held against you. We'd rather have characters who fulfill the activity requirement, then characters who do not.

7. Understand that actions have consequences. If your character does something that would reasonably have consequences, then they will have to deal with that.. The consequences may be up to the mods depending on what the character has done. Understand actions your characters may take may cause characters or players to hate your character. This is part of the consequences. You must be able to handle those consequences and not complain about them.

8. Please be aware that there are no one word tags. We are aware that not every response needs to be a paragraph but tags should be at least a complete sentence and written with correct grammar. There will be no netspeak in the writing and everything is written in third-person past tense. The mods understand that no one is perfect, and mistakes happen, but if typos, bad grammar, or failure to tag at the proper length occur on a constant basis, the mods will speak to you about it.