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While the Night World is everywhere, gameplay will take place primarily in Las Vegas. You may start your character somewhere else and make your way to Las Vegas, but the majority of the characters should be located at least most of the time in Las Vegas.

The symbols for the races of the Night World are pictures and such that Night World inhabits carry about to identify themselves with. Using the symbols tells someone you are part of the Night World, what you are, and such. It's just an easy way to identify yourself and someone else before you speak of the Night World, which you're not supposed to mention to anyone outside the Night World itself.


Humans are the ruling class. They have no special powers. Originally, all humans are unaware of the existence of the Night World until it is revealed to them by a current member of the Night World.

The Soulmate Principle is a main contributor to why humans are gaining knowledge about the Night World. Night World inhabitants are finding soulmates in humans and forced to reveal their true nature.


There are two types of vampires that exist: lamia and "made vampires". Lamia are born vampires. Lamias can age, but have the ability to stop the aging process at any time. However, when they restart the aging process, their aging is sped up so they become their true physical age in a very short amount of time. They can eat as humans do as well but feed on blood. "Made vampires" are vampires that are turned by either a lamia or another "made vampire" by exchanging blood. The vampire and human must exchange the blood and the change does not occur if the vampire only drinks the blood. "Made vampires" do not age, cannot get nourishment from food (they must have blood), and cannot produce children.

Both lamia and "made vampires" have special abilities. Vampires have superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Some have telepathic powers. Unlike some vampire lore, vampires cannot change into bats (or any other creature) and sunlight only weakens a vampire rather than destroying them. Vampires need blood to survive (their blood cannot carry oxygen and need human blood to breathe) and while the need for blood comes as a hunger at first, the vampire ends up in intense pain in their muscles that are starving for oxygen until they feed. While immortal, vampires are weak to wood and fire and can be killed.

Symbol: black rose (made vampires only)
Symbol: unknown (lamias)


Witches may be both male and female. They may perform magical spells using gemstones, herbs, effigies, and incarnations while their magic is inane and their magical does not always have to have external elements to perform. Witches first answer to the Inner Circle which consists of the Mother, the Maiden, and the Crone. Humans psychics may be "lost witches" which are descendants that are unaware of their magical powers or ancestry. Witches are vulnerable to iron.

Witches belong to circles as their community. Circle Twilight are are the witches are respect the creed "do no harm" and practice lighter magic. Which Circle Midnight are witches are practice the darker aspect of their talent. A third circle, Circle Daybreak, allows witches, vampires (both lamia and "made vampires"), shape shifters, and humans to join and are trying to lead the cause to establish a peaceful and balanced world between all races. Due to the witch hunts in Burning Times, Circle Daybreak is kept secret to anyone in the Night World who is not already a member, but with recent times, some suspect it's reincarnation.

Symbol: black dahlia and crescent moon with three stars (witches)
Symbol: black violet (lost witches)

Shape Shifters

Shape shifters can transform into animals at will. Originally, shape shifters may choose which animal they change into, but once the choice is made it is permanent and cannot be changed. Shape shifters are treated as second-class citizens in the Night World. They are vulnerable to silver.

Symbol: black lily


Werewolves are a very specific type of shape shifters. These shape shifters transfer between wolves to humans and back only. Werewolves can be born or made. They have animal urges in both wolf and human form which makes them very territorial. Because werewolves must consume organs, they are more likely to kill each time they feed. The Night World has banned them from feeding on humans and state that legally they may only feed on animals. As such, they are treated in the Night World as second-class citizens and face prejudice. They are vulnerable to silver.

Symbol: black foxglove

The Soulmate Principle

The Soulmate Principle is the theory that two people who are soulmates are connected by a silver cord only visible to the soulmates themselves. Through the silver cord, the soulmates can feel what each other are feeling if the person concentrates. The strength of the connection varies. Some soulmates know instantly that something is amiss - or that they are connected to the other person - by a simple touch, a spark of electricity that travels from one to the other, but for some soulmates it takes years to figure it out. Exchanging blood is one way for a person to find out they are soulmates with someone else. Soulmates can enter each other's mind and see their memories, thoughts, and feelings. Thoughts and memories can be blocked, but it takes concentration. If the concentration lapse during the time that one person is in someone else's mind, the blocks will fall down to allow the other person to see everything.

In the game, if you would like your character to find their soulmate, it's encouraged. There are no promises on a character receiving a soul mate they will like. The mods will work with any writers who want a soulmate, abide by the wishes of those who do not, and try to match compatible writers. If you find a character or a writer you'd like to have as your character's soulmate, then please speak to both the writer in question and the mods. No one is forced to ship with the Soulmate Principle with anyone they do not want to.