Jan. 26th, 2012 12:22 pm
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The Night World only has two rules:

1. Never allow a human to gain knowledge of the Night World's existence.
2. Never fall in love with a human.

The rules are being broken. Human are being brought into the Night World over and over at an increasingly dangerous rate. Many in the Night World want to continue to keep their world and lives closed off from humans, but some inhabits of the Night World are finding soulmates and allies in the humans they are told to hate and look down upon.

As the two worlds collide, the dynamics all around both Night World inhabits and humans are changing. Humans are shocked to find out that such things as vampires, witches, and shape shifters exist and find it hard to believe right away. But you cannot deny the truth that is standing right in front of you.

Where do you belong?


The Night World RPG is Strange Fate non-compliant and will not change when the book is published. The primary goal and game play of the Night World RPG is to focus on the races of the Night World, how the inhabits of the Night World interact with humans, and the Soulmate Principle. The Wild Powers are able to be played, but their major purpose to stop the impending apocalypse isn't the major focus of the game.

People who have never read the series and know nothing about it is welcome as long as they read the information provided for them. If questions and concerns come up in the game they want to see if there is canon behind, they can ask a mod or a fellow player that has read the series. The canon for this series - despite spanning 9 books/3 omnibuses is very slim. There is a lot of room for growth, things to explore, and expand upon.