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About The Writer:

AIM and/or YIM:
Time Zone:
Birthday (all writers must be 18 or older):
Availability for playing:
Previous roleplaying experience if any:

About The Character:

Name of Character:
(Human/Lamia Vampire/"Made Vampire"/Witch/Shape Shifter/Werewolf)
Age: (please list both actual age and physical age if a non-aging vampire)
Physical Appearance Description: One paragraph minimum
PB choice if you have one:
Journal for the Character:
(All character journals must end with "-night" whether where is a "_" separating or not.)
Personality Description: Two paragraphs minimum

Brief History of Character: three paragraph minimum

Is your character going to be part of the Soulmate Principle? If so, do they already have a soul mate in canon? If not or an original character, how would you like going about finding a soul mate?

Where do you see your character fitting in the game? Two paragraph minimum (If applicable then please say each circle they belong to)

Are there any personal or overall plots that you'd like to see your character in? Are you open to certain types of plots, but not others? Please explain any ideas you come into the game with.

Will you be able to maintain the at least one post every two weeks activity? How often are you available for participate in a thread?

Please provide us with a sample post of your character that is between 300 to 500 words, written in third person past tense as the game is written in.