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- All character journals must end with "-night" whether where is a "_" separating or not.

- All posts at the rpg should use the same header that's below. It's in a nice copy and paste box for your convenience.

- All posts to the rpg should be tagged appropriately. Upon your first post, the mods will create a character tag for your character (mods must use the tags first, but from then on, every writer may use the tags). The three types tags that must be there are "character:", "location:", and "date:".

- PBs must be a reasonable age and physical description (if they have been described physically in canon, they must fit that description as much as possible).

- Time passes in "real time" here. If it's Thursday April 1,in real life that means it's Thursday April 1 in game, and the next day would be Friday April 2 in real life and Friday April 2 in the game. And so forth. While the books are published in the 1990s, the mods have decided that the game will start in the year 2002. There is no actual year listed in the books to derive the dates from. If you have a canon character, please take the character from the time the book ends.

- If you need for any reason to postpone posting a scene, whether it be personal or you have to finish another scene in progress before you can write it, we encourage using placeholders. Just post an entry in the community with some information of it being a placeholder and go back and fill it in at a later time. However, placeholders must be filled within a week or the mods will ask you to delete it. We understand getting busy, but we do not want to front page of the comm to just look a bunch of placeholders with no tags. If there is something hindering you and you really want and need to do the thread, explain it to the mods. They will be as reasonable as they can be.

- If you want to do a solo scene without tagging anyone to express your characters' personal thoughts/feelings/motives, you can use a reflective. It's exactly like a scene without anyone tagging and the word "reflective:" in the title/subject rather than "RP:". Your character should be doing something in the reflective, even if it's small (because of how we write in third person past tense for all posts). Personal journals of the characters will not be used at all for gameplay.

- Open/Public scenes are welcome as well. If you want a random encounter with whomever choices to reply, put your character in a neutral place, have them available in the scene for interaction and go from there. You never know what you'll end up with in an open scene. Sometimes the surprise is more interest and fun than a planned meeting.